Not just a geographic location
13 gradi est (13 Degrees East) denotes an ideal place made of people and ideas, a place where we can re-think the bond between culture and our territory

The cultural association “13 Gradi Est” has been founded on the drive and dedication of each of its members, who share the common objective to organize and manage a series of important cultural events for Montecarotto. Its aim is to inject vitality and energy to a place that is full of untapped resources. Starting from an idea by Alessandro Chiatti, the project has quickly taken shape thanks to help and professionalism of each member. Our purpose is to re-think the place we live in, reinventing and using it as a stage for music, theatre, and cinema.
For this reason, “13 Gradi Est” acts as a bridge between our origins and our cultural future, as it aims to connect people with a similar cultural identity, and improve their territory. We are open to all those who want to work with us by proposing ideas, suggestions, or anything that can be culturally innovative.
Founding member: Alessandro Chiatti
Members: Marco Paoloni, Marta Giovannetti, Elena Barducci, Sara Trippolini, Elisa Pieragostini, Chiara Zacchilli, Luisa Gidoni.