It’s no secret that the first edition of the Cineconcerto Festival (3rd September 2016) was a spectacular event.
Born as a new concept, Cineconcerto is a platform for re-inventing artistic expression by inspiring artists and uniting art lovers, whilst giving everyone the tools to appreciate innovative and accessible art forms.
Our challenge was to involve filmmakers and musicians. The response came from teams of artists offering incredibly diverse projects, covering a spectrum of emotions and cutting-edge creations.
Of the five finalists, some offered works that can be placed closer to classic cinematography whilst others ventured into more experimental terrains. Among the latter, Larry Luminari, with Treep, investigated the intense and visceral relationship between nature and the cosmos, accompanied by noise-sound and musical improvisation. Francesco Zedde, with Blood, used the musical language as a starting point, hinting at the emotions associated with the human body which were further explored by Pupeschi and Ceccarelli’s short film. Marta and Alessandro Magini Sebastianelli presented Filo Orgico, where images were developed through the expedient of blurring, creating a work that was equally natural and dreamlike.
Among the finalists, we also find Jonathan Soverchia with Poco Prima Del Caffè (Just Before Coffee Time), a surreal short film on the subject of time, accompanied by the guitars of Claudio Santoni, Alexandre Manuel and Daniele Teodosi. Finally, Cristina Bernardi and Tizio Bononcini retraced the atmosphere and enchantment of silent cinema in Fu Allegro Ma Non Troppo.
A jury composed of a very balanced group of experts and critics from different backgrounds, watched the performances and selected the winners. They were Matteo Angeloni, composer and musician, Marco Refe, sociologist and music publisher, Marco Galli, film critic, Gianluca Grandinetti, filmmaker and director. The evening was led by Luigi Bertaccini, music mogul and DJ from Romagna.
The winners were:
Jonathan Soverchia – Best Film
Francesco Zedde – Best Soundtrack
Larry Luminari – Best Experimental Work
Finally, live performances of the psychedelic and indie/folk sounds by Spacepony and Jarred the Caveman brought the evening to a close.