The second edition of Cineconcerto Festival was held on 2-3 September 2017. It was an ambitious attempt to combine the intensity of cinema with the expressiveness of music in a single event.
The live sound and video contest was held on Saturday 2 nd September, under the scrutiny of a brand-new jury:
Amaury Cambuzat, leader the French band Ulan Bator
Erica Scherl, violinist
Giuseppe Chiucchiu, photojournalist
Cesare Ramazzotti, film critic
Riccardo Balzano, film critic
Mariangela Canale, expert in art history
The artists and projects in the competition came from Marche and beyond and covered different genres and film techniques, from the most realistic to those decidedly more dreamlike:
SUBCUTANEOUS TUNNEL, by Valentina Bracchetti, Lorenzo Gentili, Pietro Megni
FRUTTAH, by Larry Luminari and Alessandro Guerri
IRENE, by Jonathan Soverchia, Alexandre Manuel, Daniele Teodosi, Claudio Santoni
AB AQUIS, by Alessia Febi
TRITTICO DEL NULLA, by Francesco Zedde, Francesco Ceccarelli
HUMANITRIP, by Emanuele Candido, Claudio Focchi, Matteo Censi
The winners were:
Best Cineconcerto project: FRUTTAH
Best soundtrack: AB AQUIS
The evening ended with a live performance by ULAN BATOR, a long established French-Italian avant-rock band. The town historic center staged the event, complemented by stalls of street food and exhibitions, in collaboration with the Only Polaroid association of Senigallia and the artists Nicola Tittarelli and Marta Magini with their video installation project “Come uova rotte [di V.]”.
Sunday 3rd September was dedicated to audiovisual professionals, thanks to our partners at Poliarte – Academy of Design, and Marche Music College.
In the afternoon, the Cinematography seminar held by Marco Galli, Poliarte teacher, addressed the theme of Doubles taking inspiration from the film “Black Swan” (2010). This was followed by the screening of “Crisalide”, the unpublished short film produced by his students.
In the evening, at the Teatro Comunale, the master composer and guitarist Roberto Zechini held the final cineconcerto together with the participants in the “Contamination” workshop, centred on the composition and musical improvisation for the moving image.
This was an extremely bold edition, where time and meaning of Cineconcerto were stretched, to build an audience curious to deepen their understanding of the link between cinema and music.