Born in Jesi (AN) in 1993, he graduated in electronic music at the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro in 2016 with a thesis entitled “On tri-dimensional music reproduction”. He is currently specializing in sound design at the Martini Conservatory in Bologna.
As a composer, he is focussed primarily on three-dimensional spatial sound and audio-vision. Active since 2007 as a drummer and electro-acoustic performer, mostly in the field of noise, ambient and experimental music, his live performances have taken him as far afield as Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Austria and Norway. To date, he has played on 6 albums and 2 eps. He has been a member of various and diverse groups, including Butcher Mind Collapse, A.N.O., Kree Mah Stre and Dream Lense.
Tacet Tacet Tacet
Tacet Tacet Tacet is an audio-visual artistic collective from Jesi (AN) and Bologna which has been active since the summer of 2015. The original idea was that of a concept album about the emotional suggestions associated with the apparatus of the human body, and it was subsequently further explored in the experimental short film made editor Pupeschi and filmmaker Ceccarelli, both from Bologna. Zedde’s compositions are often performed live together with the musicians Amagliani (synthesizers) and Vindusca (violin).
Francesco  Zedde (Live Electronics) A.n.o., Butcher Mind Collapse, Kree Mah Stre, Dream Lense
Alberto Amagliani (Synth) Kree Mah Stre, Virgin Iris; Conservatorio Rossini, Pesaro
Valentina Vindusca (Violin) Conservatorio Rossini, Pesaro
Federico Pupeschi (Filmmaker) Brightflux Entertainment, Chinese Food Prod
Francesco Ceccarelli (Filmmaker) Specchio Film, Chinese Food Prod.



Embodiment is a concept album associated with a feature film and based on six tracks of experimental / ambient / post-rock music. It was born from a close collaboration between musicians and filmmakers.
Embodiment explores both concrete and abstract sound environments, associated with emotional states that bear the names of parts of the human body. It is a show where music, sound, and image are perfectly arranged and fused together.
Produced by Weird Tapes Rekords in January 2016.