Larry Luminari was born in Italy in 1987. He started exploring music at age thirteen, immediately after receiving his first guitar as a gift from his grandfather. His work is a constant research and development of a unique musical style, one that captures the empathetic sounds and moods surrounding his performances. His approach to the instrument is totally original: used up strings, beaten pickups… an insane trip of lo-fi guitars overloaded with delay and circular loops that repeat endlessly, fired into the crowd from a wall of amplifiers.
His performances are enriched with video elements, where the sounds support and become perfect soundtracks to the artist’s extreme and minimal filmmaking techniques. Brain demolishing live-sets.
Live audio / video performance where the most extreme noise and instrumental improvisation are the foundation of a minimal and primitive filmmaking style. “Straight on body” projections and a wall of speakers empathetically focus and surround both audience and artist, who can experience and share an intimate and visceral journey.
We’re trees, we’re all trees, from head to toe.
We are surface fish gasping for oxygen, always in search of the sun, sap flows in our veins and the wind shakes us like twigs, so we are fragile.
We are bark, rough to the touch, or insignificant multi-coloured dots seen from space. 
We live in dark forests from which escape is difficult, there are so many parasites all around us looking to have a little piece of our photosynthesis.
A journey, from head to toe, from toe to head, inside and out, outside and in the man and the tree, in search of the sun.
We’re trees, we’re all trees.