Marta Magini, born in Senigallia (AN) in 1995, undertook in 2014 a course of study at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Rimini where she is currently attending the final year of her Design course. Her studies have enabled her to experiment and, above all, to get even closer to contemporary artistic / installative practices and the film editing world. With her “Labile” installation, she recently took part in “Incubator of Art” organized by Nottenera, where she was one of the four finalists. Her work was presented at the Ex Frantoio Ti Vittori in Serra de’ Conti.
“Filo Orgico” comes from pristine visual stimuli taking on unusual shapes in the two-dimensional film. The images trace the flow of life’s primordial light and shadow in a dream-like, sometimes surreal key. Blurring the view, the more remote lights take on a new life by finding new chromatic and formal solutions. Instinctively transcending the boundaries of the elements, it has led to the transgression of perceptual clarity.
Images breathe, sigh.