Tizio Bononcini is a musician, author and composer from Bologna. Since 2012, he has been working on his songwriting project, a fusion of swing and theatre, and he is about to release his second album. Over the years, he has collaborated with the cultural association Teatro delle Temperie writing stage music and performing as a stage musician. He has composed soundtracks for short films produced by Rat Musqué in azione (special mention should be given to the Nonantola Film Festival 2015); he played with the soul-blues band Arma Blues Band and accompanied the gospel choir Praising Project Gospel Ensemble. As a songwriter, he has participated in various festivals, including “Tenco Ascolta” (Club Tenco), MEI in Faenza, and has reached the semifinals in “Voices for Freedom – A song for Amnesty”.
Cristina Bernardi is a graphic designer specialising in vector drawing and logo design. Founder of Rat Musqué in azione, an independent team dedicated to the production of music videos and short films, her role covers primarily all aspects of production. She recently brought her project “Cinema in the classroom – Foundation course in film production” to a primary school where, together with the students, she produced a short film. She currently works with a number of independent directors, taking care of contacts and promotion. She was assistant producer in Trick or Treat’s music video “The Great Escape” and social media manager for the short film “Djinn Tonic” with Francesco Pannofino and Guglielmo Favilla.
Shared projects (Production Cristina Bernardi / Music Tizio Bononcini)
2015 – “Il mio collega economista” – music video
2015 – “Fu allegro ma non troppo!” – short film
2016 – “Sesamo” – short film
2017 – “Non parlate al conducente” – music video musicale (work in progress)
“Fu allegro ma non troppo!” is the outcome of the Nonantola Film Festival, a competition which requires the production of a short film in just four days. We liked the idea of making a silent movie because it posed the challenge of tackling a genre with very specific standards.
However, we discarded the idea of producing a simple copy or quote, favouring instead a point of view that was physically behind the shoulders of those who were in charge of making movies at the time. So here we see our cinema journeymen, each in their own role and with their own drama, reach an epilogue that catapults the viewer to this day.
Short film shortlisted among the twenty finalists of the Nonantola Film Festival in 2015.
Special credit for being “able to recreate the atmosphere of silent movies and simultaneously develop a story with a final twist”.
Silent, drama, fantasy
4’ 07”
Production year
Early twentieth century. Five cinema journeymen spend their days between the set and a shared rundown apartment. Each day seems the same and the scenes they are shooting never change. Discouragement grows amongst the members of the crew until the moment when an unexpected visitor will change their lives permanently.
Actress – Viktoria Vandelli
Actor – Libero Sghedoni
Director – Giovanni Pizzuti
Stagehand – Tizio Bononcini
Focus Puller – Franco Nocetti
Cameraman – Daniele Sghedoni
Man from behind – Federico Fornara
Technical cast
Camera Operators – Federico Fornara and Daniele Sghedoni
Editors – Federico Fornara e Daniele Sghedoni
Producer – Cristina Bernardi
Make-up – Viktoria Vandelli
Original music by Tizio Bononcini